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About Me

I am a linguist. I am near native in English. I write well both in English and in Polish. I am a huge fan of IT Crowd TV series. I even started learning programming at one point, but I decided I am better off sticking to natural languages. Nevertheless, I can be a great translator between the IT and the rest of the world. What I lack in experience I make up with enthusiasm and can-do approach. If I don’t know something I can learn it no problem.

How I Work

What I Need From You

Here Is The Sample Of What I Write

First from the series about Product Development Strategy:
What is the Product Development Framework, and why you need it?
The next one:
What is Product Development Strategy and Why You Critically Need It
A guide:
How To Create a Product Development Strategy – Step by Step
About mistakes you should avoid:
New Product Development Mistakes You Should Avoid
About fintech:
What Is Open Banking?
About PSD2:
What does PSD2 mean for you?
More about PSD2:
What is PSD2?
In Polish:
5 zalet pracy w małej firmie

What Others Say

Olga created and bootstrapped the content marketing process at 98elements. She regularly delivers blog posts that are both informative and enjoyable. She is capable of finding new interesting topics on her own, but is also willing to research and prepare any suggested ones. Content she creates is well received by the readers and by our partners.

-- Andrzej Pańkowski, CTO at 98elements


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